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Long acclaimed for their deft musicianship, potent songwriting, and astonishing on-stage interaction, the members of ALO have played together for more than two decades, with the current permutation now in its 10th year and counting. The band followed the release of 2010's Jack Johnson-produced Man Of The World by doing what they do best: playing live.

“We’ve never fit into any quickly digestible category,” says ALO’s keyboardist/singer Zach Gill. “It’s just a different kind of experience.”

All four members of ALO agree that a similar sense of excitement is currently spurring the band forward. Sounds Like This has imbued ALO with an audacious energy that is certain to infiltrate the band’s already spirited live shows, not to mention their next studio outing.

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Captain Kirk Douglas of The Roots

“Captain” Kirk Douglas, guitarist with The Roots, the beloved house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC, has a well-deserved reputation as a stellar and versatile player. Douglas shows mad diversity—everything from schizophrenic jazz stylings to deep, hip-hop-tinged grooves, strutting funk, and ripping rock jams, this is one amazing player who can truly do it all.

Before joining The Roots in 2003, he played with Dave Matthews and was a founding member of the NY-based indiepop band My Favorite. Douglas also plays with his band the Dust Rays. “It’s an opportunity for me to just plug into an amp and turn it up. It's my chance to be Marty McFly, standing in front of a huge amplifier.”

Douglas is a hard player to explain— though in the best way, because you can’t pigeonhole him. His role in the Roots takes him from picking über-nuanced, barely there background riffs to cranking out fiery, 10-minute jams and incredible call-and-response solos where he scats phrases into the mic and then mimics them on guitar.

“There’s a lot to learn from hip-hop, too, and I’m really grateful that the Roots saw a relevance in what I was doing and found a place for me in the band.”

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DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ “Jazzy Jeff” Townes was born in West Philadelphia and developed a love of music at an early age. Jeff was just 10 years old when he started spinning records at parties using his family’s basement as a training ground for his expert mixing. Since 1985, DJ Jazzy Jeff has wowed us with his flawless turntable skills, innovative production and musical versatility. From the success of “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince” with partner Will Smith, to the critical acclaim of his production company “A Touch of Jazz”, Jeff proved time and time again that he would always be a force to be reckoned with. And he continues to represent with his solo projects, collaborations, mixtapes and live shows. His love of music shines through in everything he does. Over the course of his career, DJ Jazzy Jeff has achieved many accomplishments including a DMC Championship and multiple GRAMMY and American Music Awards and nominations. But he is a humble man who is still doing it as his 2002 hit said: “For Da Love of Da Game.”

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From modest beginnings in a Buffalo basement over two decades ago to today’s multifaceted success, the members of moe. have never lost sight of the earnest, elemental goals that they aspired to from their very first show: to deliver honest, heartfelt music and to ensure the audience has a good time. Considerate and conscientious in their actions and decision-making, moe.’s refreshingly unpretentious attitude has won them a devoted legion of dedicated fans (ranging
from seasoned concert-goers to eager young newcomers) and has given rise to a thriving cottage industry – a self-contained nation-state in which the band and their audience live as equals, thriving on a reciprocal appreciation rare in today’s increasingly fragmented musical landscape.

“We never really had the rock star attitude,” explains founding bassist and vocalist Rob Derhak. “It was always about – to a fault almost –having a personal connection with the fans on stage. No matter where we play, we want them to know that they are part of the show – like we were playing in a living room. We need their participation to inspire us, and, when we first started, we needed their apartments to sleep in…”

The members of moe. are approaching their twentieth anniversary with surprising nonchalance – not surprising, considering the casual disregard they’ve had for standard industry practices. It’s a hands-on affair run by us, our family, and our friends…just the fact that we’re still doing it 20 years later is a testament that it must be ok.”

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Mother Hips

It all started in 1990 at California State University in Chico when Tim Bluhm and
Greg Loaicano found themselves living in the same house, teaching each other guitar chords and experimenting with harmony. They didn't realize it but they were laying the foundation for a sound, a style and a partnership that would last their entire lives. The band found themselves swept up into the life of major label touring, along with the heavy partying and relentless grind that has destroyed countless bands. Little promotion from the label found the Hips self-releasing 1998's Later Days and regrouping as a band.

Today the Hips are free; they make their own schedule, recording and touring when it feels right. They're a successful independent business as well, having built up a loyal following and community for their sound and gaining the respect of their peers and critics along the way. Bluhm coined the term "California Soul" back in 1998 with the song "Gold Plated" when he sang: "There's some boys I know/ who play that rock & roll / they've slept on a lot of floors / to get that California Soul." Flash forward nearly two decades. The term has stuck and they're proud of the moniker.

"California isn't just a state," explains Bluhm. "It's a psychic idea ... the end of the frontier. It's not just a place; it's a style and a state of mind."

The same thing can be said about the Mother Hips

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Nicki Bluhm

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers made a needle’s-eye leap onto the national music circuit in 2012, bringing with them a refreshing sound, spirited stage show and wellspring of good vibes, along with a turntable and milk crates stocked with their favorite vintage vinyl for backstage sustenance.

There is an evergreen quality to the band’s music that resonates with music lovers across ages and time zones, fans who are touched by the band’s natural, bright-eyed charm and timeless expression of life and love. “We make music that generations of friends and families can share,” Nicki offers with a quiet confidence. “For me, there is a tenderness, a humanness. It’s about getting down to the basic level of bringing joy.”

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